Boardwalk On Your Show? YES!!!! Fun Things Happen Here!

Boardwalk is one of the most sought after quartets on the show circuit today. Since the beginning of 2014 they’ve entertained audiences in over 50 appearances across the United States. The phrase “This is not your father’s quartet” does not apply to this foursome.  Their musical style and stage persona, a blend of folk music, barbershop harmony, and classic slapstick, is a sharp turn from the norm.  Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and Columbus, Ohio, Boardwalk is comprised of four regular guys that love a cappella harmony and string instrumentation; a style reminiscent of the roots of vaudeville and barbershop music.  In their very first attempt, they qualified to compete at the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International Convention in 2015, and achieved quarter finalist status.

The members of Boardwalk were taught by their performing families the power that music has in the community to forge friendships and change lives. The quartet’s goal is to bring their unique enthusiasm and energy to every performance and they enjoy sharing their music with each audience they have the pleasure of meeting on their journeys.

Your chapter members will love singing and laughing with Boardwalk all night, until the party is over. Boardwalk lives up to its motto of #funthingshappenhere!


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