Happy Days Are Here Again!

Raise a toast to January 1!

On this day in 2015, Boardwalk installed a new baritone. His name, David Calland. Many of you know Calland, however, you may not know of his secret talents as a harmony singer and as an upright bass player. While it’s unclear as to when Mr. Calland will unveil those latter talents, one thing is for certain, he has already hit the ground running by learning the entire Boardwalk repertoire including solo work not intended for the faint of heart. Please plan on catching Boardwalk at a show near you to meet this new addition. From what we’ve heard, he loves the attention. As a side note, his wife Kim tells us that he awakes in the middle of the night and screams “SINGERS CHOICE” for no apparent reason. Odd. Very odd.

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