A Barbershop quartet with a twist!

Boardwalk, an unconventional quartet by any standard, is dedicated to creating energetic comedic performances that fuse costumes from the roaring 20's, 4-part harmony, and a unique selection of string instruments. They like to call this new genre of music "Barber-Folk" and it's the inspiration of many of their musical heroes of days gone by.

This is not your traditional Barbershop quartet.

Brad Hine

The high part

Our tenor, Bradley Hine, is most notable for his hair. It is thick, natural and just barely a hint of grey. To our knowledge, Brad has never had to use any creams or thickening agents to maintain his full head of hair. Oh yeah, he masterfully plays the strings. For these reasons, he is truly our hero.

Mark Schlinkert

The familiar part

Singing lead is Mark Schlinkert. When Mark isn’t singing, he works diligently as an accomplished yoga instructor and also teaches Lamaze classes 3 times a week. During quartet rehearsals, he will often yell out “push, push” for no apparent reason.

Jared Carlson

The low part
Pookie attempts to sing bass. He does so at the behest of the other 3 members of the quartet. Other than this, he has very few other talents and really none that can be mentioned here.

David Calland

The strange part

A fine baritone, David Calland is a gifted singer and spends quite a bit of his time trying to figure out the notes that the other three voices decided not to sing. He's a machine!

Hard Travelin'


Our very first recording!

Come one, come all! Buy a copy or two of our first recording Hard Travelin' Live that captures the true essence of Boardwalk! This CD will make you feel as though you are in the front row experiencing our performance and thus explaining our motto --

"Fun Things Happen Here!"

Our final show of 2017! Thank you to the Palmetto Statesmen for the gracious hospitality. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our friends and fantastic quartet, Harmony Grits. So fun being with you all. What a great finish to a spectacular year! Our cup runneth over. #funthingshappenhere ... See MoreSee Less

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Boardwalk had the distinct honor of performing with Bone Hampton in Gainesville, GA tonight! Bone is a nationally renowned comedian from Nashville, TN. Good times!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Best compliment at a @boardwalkqt show, EVER!!
"I love coming to shows that allow me to leave with the world being less crappy than when I walked in." Thank you, Ashe County Arts Council! #funthingshappenhere #barberfolk #musicenrichesyoursoul
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WE need your input! During the MANY weekends of Boardwalk travel we come across new situations where we value feedback from other experienced travelers & groups. ✈️ Today’s question:

SCENARIO - You need to wake up at 4:15am for a 6am flight home after a show, the airport is 12 miles away, you’re 1 time zone behind your home time zone and there’s an annual fall time change happening at 2am.

QUESTION 1: Which device would you rely on for an accurate wake-up alarm and updated time:

1. Your smart phone, with real-time updates & service from a tier-1 mobile carrier?
2. The clock radio in your hotel room?

QUESTION 2: Would you expect to make your 5:45am flight if you woke up at 4:48am (again, you’re 12 miles from the airport)?

Your answers (and perhaps further delving questions) are appreciated, below. 😜 💈🎶
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Boardwalk has arrived in South Dakota! Where are you? ... See MoreSee Less

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